Genesis contains the essential information for making sense of the rest of the Bible and also for understanding the condition of the world in which we live. It portrays the perfect creation that has been corrupted and explains how the promised seed (Messiah) was produced and then propagated through a specially chosen couple and their descendants. This series unpacks the story of that family and also explains how God’s interactions with them set the scene for what is to follow and traces the downstream effects in the rest of the Bible and beyond.

Creation, Rebellion, Judgement and Recovery

Three of the four sessions in this section describe the dilemma that emerges in the first 11 chapters of Genesis - Creation and the brokenness and judgement that followed on man's rebellion and declaration of independence. The other session presents a panoramic overview of the whole biblical journey to the final destination of "A New Heaven and a New Earth".

A Tale of Two Cities

This section follows the themes of Babylon and Jerusalem through the Bible. The story of each emerges early in Genesis and their contrasting characters are clearly seen in two kings - Sodom and Salem - who met Abraham. This church and the iconic Hollywood sign symbolises the two kingdoms in juxtaposition...

Abraham Overview

Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, was called out of polytheism through a revelation of the glory of the one true God. His story is foundational to the rest of the Bible and we meet him again throughout the text. The influence of his life reaches down to us for he is the father of all who believe.

The Covenant with Abraham

The Covenant with Abraham occupies only a few sentences but has far reaching implications for the whole human race, both his natural descendants and those who are joined to them by faith in the God of Abraham. This section contains three divisions and many individual sessions as we explore the scope and implications of what God included in these few words.

Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

When Abraham answered the call to leave the polytheistic society in which he lived and follow the One True God, a radical shift occurred in human history. God gradually revealed Himself through the events of Abraham's life and the covenants that He made with him and his descendants. The Promised Seed was at the heart of the strategy, ultimately secured with the birth of Isaac. The story continues with Isaac and Jacob in the second half of Genesis.

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