Come and See


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Come and See walks us through John’s Gospel from beginning to end. Spread across 52 concise and accessible chapters that match the 52 weeks of the year, this perceptive commentary helps us see Jesus through John’s contemporary eyes and discover anew how transformative His ministry is for our lives today.

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Roy Millar’s writing weaves together rich background context and grounded insight on what it is to be human, offered together as a very accessible narrative commentary, unfolding in line with the gospel itself. Roy’s book will be of benefit not only to those who preach and help others to learn, but also to all who are looking for an accessible way to deepen their Biblical understanding and Christian faith. It enabled me to read familiar passages in a new and life-giving light. It will help all readers to Come and See in a fresh and deeper way the grace and generosity of God.
(Revd Canon Dr) Jonathan Kimber, Director of Ministry and Discipleship, Diocese of Worcester

‘Come and see’ is the fruit of a gifted teacher’s sustained meditation and careful exposition on John’s gospel. Staying faithful to the text, with a deep grasp of C1st Jewish context, Jesus and his teaching is vividly presented to us. Whether you are a seasoned scholar, a growing follower or even a new enquirer, this rich study will help you ‘come and see’ and meet and know, Jesus the Messiah.
Simon Ponsonby – Teaching Pastor St Aldates Church, Oxford, and Author

The book is beautifully written in clear, lucid prose, it is amazingly perceptive from beginning to end. In chapter nine, speaking about his methodology, Roy says, “We need to read forwards from the Hebrew roots of the Bible and from the standpoint of those who heard the words in their original context”. So like modern day, Messianic Jews, this is exactly what the author does in a knowledgeable and perceptive way. I can honestly say that rarely have I read a book on scripture which displays such a profound spiritual understanding of the meaning and implications of God’s word. It is a veritable tour de force and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all who wish to know Jesus better.
Pat Collins CM, MA, STL Evangelist, Scholar and Author