News of Book Launch

Come and See is just a couple of weeks away from publication. The idea was conceived about 20 years ago, incubated for about 17 years and followed by a prolonged labour period of more than three years. I can see why mothers are relieved when the process is complete and they hold the newborn baby in their hands. I discovered that the description, “writing a book” is very inaccurate. More correctly it should be “writing a book over and over and over again”. The point comes at last when the editor claims final ownership and nothing more can be amended – like the law of the Medes and Persians that alters not.

I am very grateful for the many people who have helped and encouraged me and provided commendations. Details of these are included in the sample copy (see link below); it also contains a few chapters that may encourage you to take the plunge and part with a small amount of your assets. In so doing you will also assist Kiwoko Hospital with its work of healing and mission in rural Uganda, towards which purpose all profits are being donated.

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