The Gospel Under Threat (Galatians 1 –2 )

The Epistle to the Hebrews dealt with the relationship of Jewish followers of Jesus to the Mosaic Law. The Epistle to the Galatians deals with the same issue as it affects Gentiles. This part of the study includes an overview of the letter as well as covering the first two chapters in more detail…

The Two Covenants (Galatians 3 – 4)

Paul had just shared his experience with them; what about theirs? The Spirit has been at work in their lives, independently of the law, so what has changed? Their spiritual roots, for justification and also for life in the Spirit, are in Abraham rather than Moses. The law was temporary but the promise is permanent.

The Law and the Spirit (Galatians 5 – 6)

The emphasis has shifted from law–keeping to life in the Spirit. Paul warns about compromise and reserves severe criticism of the Judiasers. He defines true freedom – to live as we were created to be; freedom from the demands of the flesh rather than freedom to indulge the flesh.

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