Three of the four sessions in this section describe the dilemma that emerges in the first 11 chapters of Genesis – Creation and the brokenness and judgement that followed on man’s rebellion and declaration of independence. The other session presents a panoramic overview of the whole biblical journey to the final destination of “A New Heaven and a New Earth”.

Introduction / Creation Part 1

We consider the Bible as a complete story with central theme, sub-plots, and individual characters. God Himself is introduced but not explained; He simply is. There are two creation stories, one panoramic and the other domestic in scale…

Creation Part 2 – The Great Rebellion

The two climaxes of creation – Human beings and Shabbat. God revealed in many pictures : The two trees – wisdom/life or independence/death; The choice and its consequences; The recovery plan – sacrifice and seed…

Loss and Recovery – a panoramic view

The plight of man shut off from the presence of God – loss of identity and meaning. The journey back to the Father’s house traced through Moses and the prophets; The cursed land and the prototype of Paradise in the land of Israel; Two future hopes – restored earth in the Messianic Kingdom/New heaven and earth.

Chaos, Corruption and Judgement

We trace the seed line through the sons of Adam to Noah – false dawns and dashed hopes. A great communal rebellion – and another judgement (the flood); Rescue/preservation of the seed; The New Testament application of the flood incident; Genealogy of Noah – the scene is now set for Abraham.

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