Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, was called out of polytheism through a revelation of the glory of the one true God. His story is foundational to the rest of the Bible and we meet him again throughout the text. The influence of his life reaches down to us for he is the father of all who believe.

Abraham Overview – Part 1

Abraham is a towering figure in the Old Testament. In a sense the main theme starts with his response to a revelation of the glory of the One True God. Chapters 1-11 of Genesis can be seen as an introduction to this climactic event, and when we come to the Exodus God reveals Himself to Moses as the God of Abraham…

Abraham Overview – Part 2

He is the patriarchal ancestor of Jesus; God’s promises to Abraham are what we call ‘The Gospel’; Abraham is the father of all who believe; He is the great example of faith and the inseparable link between faith and obedience…

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